About Mannoo

What do you do when you get bored at work?
You quit and go for what you really like. Here I am, playing music, making films, traveling for now 20 years.No big success, no fame, but some recognition sometimes and the satisfaction of an exciting life.

I am a french musician, mainly a stage performer. I play trumpet, tuba, guitar, accordion, and I sing. I have been playing for 15 years with my girlfriend everywhere in France and abroad, with a repertoire of french songs, gipsy jazz, trad and folk... up to 100 gigs a year. We are proud to perform everywhere for every kind of audience. Villages, bars, small venues, restaurants, parties, casinos, retirement homes, campsites, clubs, festivals, benefits... I thrive for every new experience and encounter and that what music is all about.

I am also a composer. As a multi-instrumentalist, I love blending all my instruments with electro beats and fx. Songs and ballads, disco, electro tracks, music for the theatre, I just follow my inspiration no matter if it has or not any commercial potential !

All the stuff you'll find on this page is 100% home-brewed. Hope you'll enjoy and share it !


My girlfriend


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